Advantages Of Annual Campsites

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Do you and your family love going camping? If so, consider choosing a campsite with annual options. Rather than searching for a new place whenever you get the urge to camp, you can stay at your favorite spot for the whole year. 

Here are some of the advantages of annual campgrounds:

Only Committed for One Year

Some long-term campsites require you to commit for more extended periods, like two or even five years. If you choose an annual option, you can decide to go to another place the following year to change up your experience. 

No Need to Look For Other Sites

It can be frustrating when you decide to go camping and you need to search for a campsite. There may be no spots available where you want to stay, or you may have to travel further than you'd prefer. When you book an annual campsite, it will be there waiting for you whenever you decide to go camping. 

Get To Know Your Neighbors

When you stay at a campsite all year long, you get to meet the campers near your site, who are also likely staying there long-term. You can build lasting relationships, and your children will get to meet friends and have someone to play with when camping. It's much more challenging to get to know people when you're frequently going from one campsite to the next. 

Set Up for a Longer Stay

If you camp in a trailer, it's nice setting it up at a campsite and knowing it will remain there for the entire season. You can set up temporary indoor porches, lawn furniture, etc., and leave it until the year ends. Doing so makes the site feel much more like home while you stay there than a temporary setup. 

Discount on Paying Nightly or Weekly

If you stay at the same campground for many nights or weeks during a year without paying annually, your costs will be much higher. Annual campsite rentals give you a significant discount compared to paying nightly or weekly since the park won't have to worry about renting out that site for the entire year. 

No Need to Keep Moving a Trailer

It's frustrating having to constantly pack up and move your trailer after staying at a campsite. When you camp annually, you can set everything up and only need to move your trailer at the end of the season. It makes camping much less stressful when you don't have to transport a large trailer constantly.