3 Sites That You'll Find At An RV Resort

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When you own an RV and are looking forward to taking a long summer trip, it can be fun to identify one or more RV resorts along your route. Spending a few days at each of these locations can provide your family with a long list of entertainment choices, and it can feel good to stop and relax for a bit before you continue on your way. When you're getting ready to book your RV resort visit, one thing you'll need to do is determine what type of site you want. Most facilities have a few different site options available, and each can be appealing for different reasons. Here are three sites that you'll want to consider.


A lot of RV resorts have waterfront sites, and this type of site can often be the most desirable on the property. Being able to park your vehicle near the water offers a number of advantages. Perhaps more than anything, you'll get to enjoy the view. Seeing the sun come up or go down over the water, watching boats go past, and looking for marine life can all be highlights of your visit. Depending on the park that you visit, you and your family members may even be able to get into the water at the edge of your site for kayaking or swimming.


RV resorts often use the term "open" to describe some of their sites. In general, this is a site that is situated in an open area of the property — typically in a field-like setting. When an RV resort has a large field on its property, it will divide this space into a number of open sites for people to use. A lot of people favor open sites because they're easy to access with a large RV. They also provide a lot of sun, which is ideal if you enjoy being out in the sun and have plans to lie out and relax during your visit.


Depending on what RV resort you visit, you may be able to book a forested site. These sites go by different names at different properties, but are similar to a conventional campsite in that they're surrounded by trees. Some people enjoy this type of site because of its natural feel. If you've been on the road for a long time and want the feeling of spending time in nature, a site that has trees on two or three of its sides will be the right choice for you.